6 Brush Boot Washer


  • Photoelectric switch at each end.
  • Created for continuous passage – the machine can be installed in a place which makes its use obligatory.
  • The boot and the sole cleaning is done by the combined action of:
    The turning lateral brushes (for cleaning the side of the boot).
    The turning horizontal brushes (for the sole).
    Water jets.
    The forward movement of the user.
  • Dismantling without tools, for easy cleaning of the brushes and the sump.
  • Separate wet and electrical compartments.
  • Supplied with detergent injector for the disinfection product.

Technical Specifications

  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Matt finish.
  • 4 inclined brushes (for cleaning the body of the boot).
  • 2 horizontal brushes (for cleaning the sole of the boot).
  • Detergent injector – regulation: between 1 and 7.5%.
  • Base size: 2850 x 950mm.
  • Removable steps.


We offer a range of options including manual and powered boot washer machines. Our machines are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with a matt finish and are of a robust and hygienic design. They are designed for easy dismantling without tools, making cleaning of the brushes and the sump easy.

Within the range, we can offer fixed side brush boot washers, clog washers, upright 3-brush boot washers, two-way sole washers and 6-brush boot washer machines with horizontal and lateral turning brushes. The combined action of the brushes, detergent and water jets cleans the user’s boots. Our walk-through machines can be integrated with a hygiene gate ensuring the user also sanitises their hands prior to entering the production area.  Our walk-through machines also have photoelectric switches at each end, removable steps and separate wet and electrical compartments.

Additional information

Dimensions2850 × 950 mm