Stainless Steel Buckets


• Manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel
• Crevice free
• Features lifting rim and handle
• Easy to hold and carry
• Graduated design
• Lids available


6 litres
8 litres
10 litres
12 litres
15 litres


Our range of stainless steel buckets are built for optimal hygiene – offering exceptional corrosion resistance and high durability. They are perfect for those working in commercial catering, the food industry, healthcare or any other demanding environment.

Our stainless steel buckets are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 litres all the way up to 15 litres. They can be used for moving ingredients, transporting liquids, storing equipment or even as a mop bucket.

A crevice free design allows for the bucket to be effortlessly cleaned and thoroughly sanitised, helping to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and contaminants. The lifting rim and sturdy handle complements the design, offering a comfortable and secure grip for transportation.

Each bucket also features a graduated design. Clear markings are etched on the inside of the bucket, allowing for the precise measuring and accurate dispensing of contents. For even further precision, we offer the stainless steel straight sided bucket which comes complete with a pouring spout. These are designed to facilitate controlled pouring without any mess or wastage.

Stainless Steel Buckets with Lids

To further enhance the functionality of our buckets, we offer a range of compatible lids. These lids provide a secure seal to prevent any unwanted spillages.

Stainless Steel Ice Buckets

Upgrade your beverage service and use the stainless steel bucket to store ice and keep your drinks refreshingly cool. These buckets are designed to withstand the demands of everyday use – ideal for bars, restaurants and parties.

Our stainless steel buckets are built to last, providing exceptional quality, practicality and convenience.

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