Stainless Steel Drain Channels


• A cleanable, seamless solution to your drainage requirements.
• Drain channels are manufactured to meet your specifications.
• Standard and bespoke designs are available.
• Made from 304 grade stainless steel or 316 grade stainless steel.
• Longer drain channels, flange joints or welded joints can be included.



Unitech offer high quality stainless steel drain channels, which are widely used across the food and beverage production industry. They are manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel making them well suited to provide an efficient, hygienic drainage solution within production floors. They are essential for collecting waste liquid produced during production processes and equipment wash down activities.

Our standard channels are available in 3 sizes; 145mm wide, 180mm wide and 205mm wide. They can be manufactured to lengths which suit your own requirements. We also offer a bespoke service, whereby we design and manufacture the drain channels to specified sizes.

All our drain channels can be supplied with drainage grids to cover the channels in the floor. Depending on your application, we have a range of grids available. This includes:

Our slot stainless steel drain channels provide another solution which eliminate the need for any grids or grating.

To complement our drain channels, we also manufacture a range of gully pots – with a choice of vertical or horizontal outlet and round (or square) bases. Our gully pots all have removable gross solids collection baskets, removable foul air traps and reinforced rubber infill lips.

Our in-house team of fitters are on hand for installation if required.

Unitech is your one stop shop for all of your drainage requirements. Whether you are building a new facility and require drainage throughout – or if you’re updating an existing production plant, we are the answer. If you wish to make an enquiry, please fill out the request form below and we’ll be in touch.