Stainless Steel Kerbing


• Unitech manufacture an extensive range of stainless steel kerbing and protection systems.
• We offer a full survey, design and installation service.
• Available for new builds or as a retro fit.



Our stainless steel kerbing is widely used in food and catering environments, or anywhere that demands the highest standards of hygiene. The product is designed to suit applications where a hygienic barrier between the wall and floor is required.

The kerbs are constructed using highly durable stainless steel, offering great impact resistance. Once installed, they can be reinforced with concrete to safeguard against accidental damage from passing trolleys, pallet trucks and forklift traffic.

The kerbs eliminate any gap between the wall and floor that may accomodate bacteria. It creates a uniform surface which adheres to the latest health and safety regulations. They can be easily cleaned and maintained for a good looking, long lasting appearance.

Our range of stainless steel kerbing is available for use in both new build or in retro fit situations and can be supplied in various lengths to suit your requirements. In addition, we also provide high quality stainless steel cladding solutions – allowing you to create the perfect finish for your food factory or catering facility.

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