Stainless Steel Measuring Jug


• Manufactured in 304 quality (food grade) stainless steel
• Crevice free
• Fully welded
• Bright polished
• Sturdy handle and spouted front for easier, accurate pouring


0.5 litres, 1.0 litres, 1.5 litres, 2.0 litres, 5.0 litres


Our stainless steel measuring jug range is ideal for cooking, baking and everyday use  – available in varying sizes with capacities starting from 0.5 litres up to 5 litres. They are capable of measuring both dry and wet ingredients, helping you to minimise food waste when following recipes.

Constructed from high grade stainless steel, our measuring jugs are extremely hard wearing and durable, and very easy to clean. They are an essential piece of equipment for professional kitchens or any other type of catering environment, providing accurate and reliable readings.

Each stainless steel measuring jug is designed with functionality in mind, with clear and precise markings etched on the inside of the jug to ensure perfect measuring every time.

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