Hydraulic Dolav Tipper


Able to tip standard 600 litre euro containers at lower tipping heights onto tables, conveyors etc.
Operated using a hydraulic power pack.
Mobile and static versions available.
Mains or battery operated.
Discharge time: 20-40 seconds.
Maximum lifting capacity: 800kg to 1500kg, including container.
Made from 304 grade stainless steel.


Our hydraulic dolav tipper is a popular choice within the food production industry. Our machine is designed to tip standard 600 litre euro containers at low level tipping heights. It makes tipping ingredients onto conveyor belts or tables effortless.

The machine operates using a hydraulic power pack and is capable of tipping 800kg to 1500kg, including the loaded container. The dolav tipper is designed with easy access for pallet trucks, allowing you to load the dolav container easily onto the tipper.

A standard carriage mounted chute guides the contents of the dolav onto the tipping surface. It can be manufactured as a static version (or on wheels as a mobile version), enabling it to be used in different areas of your production facility.

The dolav tipper is manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel making it hygienic and very easy to clean. It can be manufactured as a mains or battery operated unit. We also supply various sizes of stainless steel dolav and euro bins as part of our extensive range.

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